Shipman Knotts and Kentmere Pike

617 Metres of Ascent
Time 4 Hours
Distance 11.2 km

kentmere horshoe ridge walk in winter

Not quite having time to tackle the whole Kentmere Horseshoe we set our sights on attempting Shipman Knotts and Kentmere Pike. We ran out of time to go further up to Harter Fell – for another day! Great shame as we had done all the hard work.

There was still snow around but it was a glorious day and a highly recommended half day trip on the Far Eastern Fells.

See the route we took

1. From Kentmere village follow lanes leading N to Brockstones.

2. At top of steep lane head R on good track signed for Stile End and continue E to top of pass. Leave track and take path N to Shipman Knotts.

3. Continue N, then NW, by wall on broad ridge to Kentmere Pike.

4. Trace your steps back towards Shipman Knotts and follow the path south towards Overend.

Spotted a mother and daughter just next to our vintage car taking us back to Staveley

Make sure you Stop off at Wilf’s cafe on the way back in Staveley and treat yourself to a well earnt bite to eat.

About Richard & Diney

Richard & Diney met whilst working in London and moved to the Lake District in the summer of 2015. Moving to Ambleside was a quick and easy decision to make with planning taking place in the autumn of 2014. Richard spent the best part of 25 years in the world of finance before seeing the light and moving to Cumbria, while Diney’s love of the Lake District began during her first catering job working at the Outward Bound Centre in Eskdale.