The Dunnerdale Horseshoe

Broughton Mills / 1700 feet
Time 4 1/2 hours
Distance 5 1/4 miles

There are a few parking spaces just before the church. The walk starts from Broughton Mills with a view of the two ridges and only the Knott is visible. Head for that along the Dunnerdale Valley before climbing towards Hovel Knott. The bridleway is easy to follow. At the first farm, Green Bank, do not enter the farmyard but head uphill towards a cottage. Go past a gate and pass a picnic table with fab views. Go along a lane which opens up to the open fell after passing through two further gates and above a barn.


Little Stickle can be seen on the right; cross over a marshy area and head towards Great Stickle. Following on from Great Stickle head towards Stickle Pike which is the main objective which can be done directly or via Tarn Hill. Stickle Pike is normally tackled from the Hause to the East but the direct approach up the front is perfectly manageable. There are great views from the summit of Stickle Pike.


Descend along the main path and head towards Stickle Tarn on your right. Head for the road which links Broughton Mills and the Duddon Valley (easy way back if you are tired). If you feel up to it head towards Stainton Ground Quarries; climb the spoil heaps to the top and climb towards the ridge. Skirt Raven's Crag and descend to a depression beyond which is a simple walk to the cairn on the Knott. It is worth having a look back at the route which is visible from here. Descend due south along the grass until you reach a gate and the tarmac road. Follow the road past the church and back to Broughton Mills.

Try the Blacksmith's Arms for a well deserved drink and food!


About Richard & Diney

Richard & Diney met whilst working in London and moved to the Lake District in the summer of 2015. Moving to Ambleside was a quick and easy decision to make with planning taking place in the autumn of 2014. Richard spent the best part of 25 years in the world of finance before seeing the light and moving to Cumbria, while Diney’s love of the Lake District began during her first catering job working at the Outward Bound Centre in Eskdale.